RTE-UPMC Research Chair

Autonomous mini-UAVS

The RTE-UPMC research chair "Autonomous mini-UAVs" was launched on September 1st, 2011. The goal of this chair is to  improve the capacities of mini-UAVs for surveillance or inspection applications (power-lines, electric towers,  bridges,   etc). The chair is funded for five years by a sponsorship   of the french company RTE  which is in charge of maintaning the French electricity network. Sponsorship of the chair is open to other partners via the "Fondation UPMC".

The research activity focuses on improving the autonomy of   mini-drones and providing assistance to the pilot, in   applications that can be fully-autonomous or tele-operated.   Autonomy is achieved through the use of embarked sensors   (IMUs, cameras, lasers, etc), the onboard data-processing of the sensor data, and the design of efficient control algorithms. The chair also aims at improving the energetic autonomy of mini-UAVs, e.g. via the aerodynamic design and optimization of new flying vehicles.

This research  is conducted within the ISIR lab of UPMC. ISIR (Institute for Intelligent Systems and Robotics) is a robotics research lab associated with UPMC and  CNRS



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